‚ÄčHiVol is a sole proprietorship that is the creation of Mike Hermann. Its' goal is to bring legitimate lending sources to non-profit trade associations and their corresponding member contractors / manufacturers.  Lenders will have the assurance that their customers will be dealing with ethical and knowledgeable contractors producing quality home improvements.  The Association members will have an autonomous credit source for their customers, that doesn't require an exclusive relationship. This marriage between lenders and non-profit trade associations will create a competitive financing market that will bring down the sales finance cost of home improvement purchases and result in more and larger contract sales.

Mike Hermann's experience encompasses management, broker and consulting positions with: Avco, First National Bank of AZ, Citibank Person to Person, First Federal S&L, Wells Fargo Credit Corp., AmeriWest Mortgage, Valley National Bank of AZ, Security Pacific Bank, MeraBank, Western S&L, Southwest S&L, Norwest Bank, Washington Mutual Bank, Greentree, GE Capital, Money Store, Key Bank, Encore Bank, Guarantee Bank, Bank of the West of AZ, Citizen Union Bank of AZ, Service Finance and 24 years as the owner of Opyne Capital Corporation one of the largest and most respected home improvement loan facilitator in the country.