​Applicant (s) reads the disclosures. 

​​Applicant (s) completes the online application for a instant Pre-Qulification or down loads, prints, completes, signs and faxes paper credit application to 1-888-509-3015.

Applicant (s)  will either receive an instant qualification or a notice that a financing coordinator will be contact them at the phone number and/or the email they supplied.

Financing coordinator will review the applicant (s) credit application and help the them obtain the best loan program for their circumstances.

The lender that the applicant (s) decides to use, will process their loan and may request additional information that may be needed and make a final a final decision.

Once the applicant (s) receives a final approval from the lender will instruct them on how the loan will be closed and how the funds will be disbursed.

NOTE: Applicant (s) need to keep their dealer updated to the status of their loan request as it will effect the construction of their home improvement.


The Process